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Calflora Training

Whether you’re new to Calflora, or a seasoned user, we offer a variety of resources to improve your skills in using our array of tools.

In-person training sessions

As a part of the onboarding process when you first set up a Calflora group, we provide a one-day in-person training session, which is the most effective way to get a group of users up to speed. What you may not know is that in-person Calflora trainings are available at any time. For groups up to 15 people, our training costs $2,500 for one day, or $4,000 for a two-day intensive training session.

Youtube Videos

Our Youtube Channel has several dozen videos that walk you through many different scenarios for working with the Calflora tools.

Here are some of our more popular videos:

Help Pages

Each of the Calflora applications has its own help page, and we have a number of other pages for more general help. You can find all of the help pages here.

Our top help pages are:

  1. Layers
  2. Planting Guide
  3. What Grows Here
  4. Plant Range
  5. Plant Observation Entry

Community Support

You can also help each other to learn! We have two Google Groups where you can share information, tips, and tricks, and ask questions of your fellow Calflora users. One group is for all Calflora users, which is here. The second is specifically for our Weed Manager users, here.