A guide to conservation planting for Napa County and beyond

Note: As of March 1 2019, this application is no longer supported. Please use the Calflora Planting Guide instead -- it has the latest and best information.

Contact Us!

Contact the stewardship coordinator at the Napa RCD for questions about
  • plants recommended by this website;
  • the specific implementation of any of the conservation practices described here;
  • how the Napa RCD can assist local landowners.
If you have experience implementing any of these practices in Napa County, we would like to hear about it. (Note that you can also leave a comment about a practice on the Plants for Projects page.)
Contact Calflora support for questions about
  • the way the website works (any problems);
  • more information about the plants that appear here.

Known Issues and Feature Requests
  • On the Plants for Projects page, I wish I could type in an address and have the map go right there.