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Plant Name Library: California Plant Synonyms (XWALK)

To use this form, enter the full scientific name for a California plant and then click on the Search button. On the result page, you will see all synonyms of the entered name. (Instructions)

Scientific Name
Examples: Oenothera boothii  -  Nassella cernua  -  Solanum xanti  -  Delphinium parishii ssp. purpureum

This feature is based on Fred Hrusa's California Plant Synonymy Table as contributed to Calflora and maintained by Calflora staff during the period 1997 - 2001. The table contains over 15,000 records of synonymy information, with over 14,260 unique taxonomic names.

Although the information returned is experimental in nature, and is known to have omissions and inaccuracies, it has proved an excellent way to resolve names used before the publication of the Jepson Manual (1993) with those used in the Jepson Manual.

For more current (if less detailed) synonymy information, see Calflora's Name Status query page, or Plant Name query page.

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