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About the Observer application for iPhone

The Observer is an application for smart phones that allows you to quickly and efficiently report wild plant occurrences. This application makes it easy for you to report the species name, date, and location of over 10,000 California native and non-native plant taxa. You can also add a photograph to a report, and share it with others later to confirm identification. Your reports are transmitted wirelessly to the Calflora database, where you can edit them and see them on a map.

The iPhone version of the app is available
from this iTunes page:


To use the application, you need to REGISTER AS A CONTRIBUTOR.

(If you are already registered on Calflora, but not as a contributor, enter your password and press EDIT MY ACCOUNT.)

When you upload observations from your phone, they go into the database in an unpublished state. You can use the My Observations application to edit your observations, and when they are ready, publish them so that they are visible to other Calflora users.



We need your input on how this application can be improved. We are eager to hear any feedback or comments you may have. If you would like to get involved more directly, please write.