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The May 2019 Photo Contest is complete!   Here are the winners.
Congratulations to Sue Graue, Ron Vanderhoff, and Jeff Bisbee.

Announcing the May, 2019 Calflora Photo Contest.

Please add your observations with photos for our 5th annual May photo contest! To enter, simply add an observation with one or more photos of a wild California plant, and with an observation date between May 1 and May 31, 2019. The top 3 winners will be mentioned on the Calflora News page and on Facebook.
How to contribute an observation with photos:
Register as a contributor
Using Plant Observation Entry (POE):
If your photo is already on the web, you can simply paste in the URL. If your photo is on your computer, you can upload it. If your photo is geotagged, POE will use the coordinates as the location of the record. (Here are specific instructions for adding a record with POE.)

Using Photo Upload:
Start by uploading your geotagged photos, then add the plant name and other details in POE.
Using Observer Pro (Android or iOS):
Take the phone into the field to make an observation with a photo. Or if you already have good photos in your phone's camera roll, make observations directly from those photos.

Once you have made some observations with the app, upload them to your account on the server. When they first appear on the server, they are unpublished, meaning only you can see them.

Publish your observations
so that other Calflora users can see them. In My Observations, click on the ID and then click on the publish link. In POE, set Access by others to published.
How the Best Photos are Chosen

Anyone signed in to Calflora can vote for their favorite photos by "liking" them. The photos with the most likes as of 5PM PST Saturday, June 10 will be the winners.

How to vote:
From this Observation Search search, click on the photo. On the DETAIL page that opens for that observation, click Like under the photo.

If you entered the contest by contributing observations with photos, you can vote for your own photos.
Here are the the photos that have been liked so far.