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Updated May 26, 2021
The Checklist / Survey Search application lets you search for checklists and surveys and see them on a map.

If you have any questions about using this application, please contact Calflora support.

To use the application, click on the map in an area of interest , zoom in, and press . If you want to qualify what observations are returned, enter some criteria. To see only survey records, choose Method = survey.

Geographical Extent:

    in map area

to limit the search to the current map area.

Or, press DRAW A POLYGON to specify an exact geographical search space.
To find all records in a particular park, press Map Layers at the top of the page, choose Region / Protected Area (CPAD), and then click inside one of the parks or forests that appear on the map. The name of the selected area will appear on the left at the top of the map:
    36.2709, -121.8315         Andrew Molera State Park (CDPR)
Then check
    in selected area
(For more information about background layers, see Layer Help.)
The results appear simultaneously as points on the map and in a table below the map.

If you click on a point on the map, an InfoWindow opens at the point, the table scrolls down to the corresponding record, and the record is highlighted. If you click on the purple crayon for a record in the table, an InfoWindow opens at the corresponding map point, and a short menu opens up under the record.

    detail: Open the detail page for this record, including all photos and any comments that may have been made on this record.

    editor: Open Survey / Checklist Entry on this record.

    Illustrated Plant List: Show the plants in this survey in an illustrated plant list.

Method: Choose survey to limit the results to survey records. Choose any to see any kind of survey or checklist.

Natural Status: wild or planted.

Group: Seach for all records owned by a particular group.


Start Date, End Date: Use one, or the other, or both of these criteria to bracket the Observation Date of records you are interested in. Dates are entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD so that February 20, 2017 is written as 2017-2-20. If you enter 2017-2-20 as the end date, the result will include records that were entered on or before 2017-2-20. If you put the same date in both Start Date and End Date, the results will only include records entered on that date.


Location Name: Some records have useful information in the Location Description field. Enter a short phrase to find any records that contain that phrase in the Location Description field.

Searching within a Background Polygon: There are many background map layers available. If you select one of the following layers, you can search within the selected background polygon:
    Protected Area (CPAD)
    Jepson Bioregion
    CNPS Chapter
    Zip Code
in selected area

2022 May Version 0.81 released.

2016 May Version 0.48 released. This application replaces the Checklist Browser.