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With the Project Setup application you can view, enter or edit project records for an organization. A project is a way of organizing data collection and treatment records; within the Weed Manager system, the assumption is that every record will be associated with a project. Further, work session information within Weed Manager is accumulated on a project basis.

Many of the fields in a project record are designed for the convenience of using the Observer Pro phone application, In Observer Pro, all data for each of your organization's projects is loaded onto the phone each time you press REFRESH, including the plant list, center point, and historical records. When using Observer Pro, you can easily switch between projects.


ORGANIZATION This is a drop down of all the Weed Manager organizations to which you belong. Choose the pertinent organization.

PROJECT Once you have selected an organization, this drop down shows all of the projects currently defined for that organization. To edit an existing project, choose a project from the drop down, and press .


PLANT LIST A project may optionally be associated with a plant list. This is a drop down showing names of plant lists available to you.

When entering an observation in Observer Pro, the project plant list is an option on the plant selection screen (along with "All plants" and "Recent plants").

You can also use the Plant List Definition to define a new plant list. (After defining a new list, come back to the Project Setup application, and the name of the new list will appear in this drop down.)

DESCRIPTION A brief description of the project for the benefit of other people in your organization.

FORM This is a list box showing all of the forms available to your organization. When you select a form here, a preview of it appears on the right hand side of the page. The preview is similar to how the form will look in the Observer Pro phone application. Looking at the preview, you will be able to see which fields are present in the form.

(Weed Manager is flexible with respect to what fields are collected. If you would like a form with different fields from what you see here, please contact support.)

When you select this project in the Observer Pro phone app, what historical records will you be able to see?

This could be important if, for instance, you are using Observer Pro to monitor previously observed populations. In that case, you will want to see records of those populations on the map or in the HISTORY tab of Observer Pro.

By default, you will be able to see all of the records associated with this project. This default is adequate for many situations. (Note that whenever you press REFRESH from the phone app, the historical records for each project are updated.)

However, there may be situations when you need finer control over what records are visible on Observer Pro when a particular project is selected. Using Group Observations, you can come up with a search that includes exactly those records you want to see on the phone app, and then save the search by name.

This field is a drop down that includes the default case,
    All project records
as well as any searches that have been saved by name and associated with this organization.

To view and edit all of your own personal saved searches, go to My Calflora, and press Searches.

To view and edit all of your organization's saved searches, go to Organization Options, and press the SEARCHES tab.

CENTER POINT A project may optionally include a center point. This is mostly for the convenience of using the Observer Pro phone app; there is a button on the map which yanks the map back to the project center point.

To define a center point, press Click on the map to choose a center point to open up the map, and then click on the map.


• December, 2014:   v. 0.58: Includes the HISTORICAL RECORDS field, to control which historical records are loaded onto the Observer Pro phone app for a project.

• August, 2014:   v. 0.51 (beta) released.