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The Group Observations Spreadsheet application is very similar to Group Observations, but provides a spreadsheet type of interface for conveniently changing many values in one session.

For a description of search and other features common to both applications, please see the Group Observations Help document.

If you have any questions about this application, please contact Calflora support.


Form Logic. Some Weed Manager forms contain sophisticated logic that maintains the integrity of records collected. This includes fields that are required, and dependecies between fields. Form logic in enforced by the Observer Pro phone applications, and by the Plant Observation Entry (POE) web application. For instance, a form might offer choice of type of treatment, and when the type of treatment is set to Mechanical, other fields open up which concern details of that mechanical treatment.

This spreadsheet application does not implement any form logic. Using this application, it is possible to circumvent any such form logic, and to produce records which do not meet the data integrity constraints contained in a form. In order to preserve the data integrity constraints of your forms, the best thing will be to not use this application, but instead to use POE to edit records, or to use the batch edit feature of Group Observations to make changes to several records at the same time.

Restore from Backup. Calflora keeps a daily backup of all data. It is a slow and expensive process to retrieve data from that backup. With that in mind, please be careful about changes you make to your data.

Who Can Edit

A Data Czar in the selected group can use this application to edit any record in the group. To edit, check EDIT (on the right below the map).

A member of a group can use this application to edit their own records. To search for just your own records, check only my records.


To use this application, first do a search to find the records you might want to edit. Click on Map to get the map out of the way. In the results, click on a cell to select it. The selected cell appears pale yellow. Use the arrow keys to move between cells.

Click in the white box on the far left of the table to bring up a menu of actions for a particular record. Click on edit to edit the record in POE.

When EDIT is checked, you can edit the results. To begin editing a cell value, either 1. click the mouse on that cell, or 2. use the arrow keys to move to that cell, and press <ENTER>. When you are finished editing the cell, click on another cell, or press <ESCAPE>.

Saving Changes

If you changed the value of a cell, a blue SAVE dialog appears in the lower right of the screen. This dialog says how many records have been changed. Press when you are ready to save your changes.

Some fields are not editable from this application, such as the record ID, and Latitude and Longitude.

There is error checking on some fields, such as Root (the root record ID). The value you put into the Root field must be a valid record number. If you enter an erroneous value, you will not be able to save changes until you correct it.


• March, 2018:   v. 0.58: