Calflora Extracted Shapefile Data Dictionary

When observation data is extracted from Calflora in the form of a shapefile, the attribute names are changed so that each name is no more than ten characters long. The attribute names used in an extracted shapefile are listed in the ID column in the table below. Some of the attribute names are crypticallly short; use this table to look up what each attribute name means.

ID Title Description
accm2 Accuracy Square Meters
area_hect Area in Hectares
area_id Region name of a management unit or preserve
area_size Gross Area
author_id Contributor Record #
buffer Radius around a point, indicating the size of the patch
calrecnum Calflora Plant #
chemmethod Chemical Method
collctn Survey Identifier
common Common Name
county County
cover_cls Percent Cover
crew1 Crew 1
crew2 Crew 2
crew3 Crew 3
date Observation Date
distribut Distribution
doc_type Documentation Type
elev_meter Elevation in Meters
geometry Geometry a shape or line expressed in WKT
georef Access Code published, unpublished, private
grez Location Quality Code
habitat Habitat
herb_amt Herbicide Amount
herb_pr1 Herbicide Product 1
herb_pr2 Herbicide Product 2
herb_pr3 Herbicide Product 3
herb_units Herbicide Units
herbarium Herbarium
index_date Index Date when the record was added to the database
infarea Infested Area
laborhrs1 Labor Hours for Crew 1
laborhrs2 Labor Hours for Crew 2
laborhrs3 Labor Hours for Crew 3
latitude Latitude
loc_desc Location Description
longitude Longitude
mechmethod Mechanical Method
mstatus Management Status
nat_stat Natural Status wild or planted
nbags Number of Bags
nhours Number of Hours
npeople Number of People
nplants_tr Number of Plants Treated
num_volun Number of Volunteers
obs_type Observation Type
observer Observer
orig_notes Notes
ownership National Ownership
pcount Number of Plants
pct_pr1 Percent of Product 1
pct_pr2 Percent of Product 2
pct_pr3 Percent of Product 3
pct_tr Percent Treated
phenology Phenology
root_rid Root Record #
seq_num Record #
source Source organization or individual responsible for this record
source_id Source Record #
surface_ar Surface Area Treated
taxon Scientific Name of the plant
trmethod Treatment Method
trnotes Treatment Notes
ugroup Group #
update_dt Update Date when the record was last changed
uproject Project #
user_num User #