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Plant Name   Antirrhinum kingii
King's snapdragon
Observer Ken Hickcman    PROFILE
Date 2017-06-11
County Mono What Grows Here?
Coordinates 37.87337, -118.76035
Elevation 2119 meters
Location Description Southwest facing side of narrow north-south "spur" canyon off Dexter Canyon. 37.87337, -118.76035; 6980 ft; Error radius 20 ft; WGS84.
Notes Scattered clusters of plants growing around bases of rhyolitic rocks in loose pumice and rhyolite slides on steep, southwest facing side of narrow north-south "spur" canyon off Dexter Canyon. Some flowers cleistogamous, others with white corollas with burgundy-red veins. Associates include Phacelia peirsoniana, Chylismia heterochroma, Cryptantha echinella, Cryptantha confertiflora, Ericameria nauseosa, Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus, Tetradymia glabrata, Grayia spinosa, Thelypodium laciniatum, Cirsium occidentalis, Mirabilis laevis, Mentzelia laevicaulis, Scrophularia desertorum, Melica stricta, Stipa speciosa.
# of Plants 11 - 50
Calflora ID po43315
Added 2017-07-09 Plant Observation Entry
Location Quality HIGH (2)
Error Radius 7  meters
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