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Plant Name   Schinus molle
Peruvian pepper tree
Observer William McCarey    PROFILE
Date 2017-07-05
County San Benito What Grows Here?
Elevation 83 meters
Location Description Private garden, inside property fence, morning sun, afternoon shade from a 65 year old, 40' tall Magnolia grandiflora immediately adjacent, heavy clay soil, some pea gravel ammendment. Area supports three Ribes sp, multiple in-ground Clivia miniata, and a
Notes It is now about 7 feet tall though I have it staked as I did not want it rooting across my flower bed in case it was a creeper. It is in a place where it gets morning sun and full afternoon shade. No water except for rain (18 inches this past winter). It is between three Ribes sp and a collection of in-ground Clivias. Heavy clay soil with some pea gravel amendment. The bottom of the "trunk" is 1/2 inch in diameter. The leaf branches are alternate and rotated about 60 degrees around the trunk. On each branch the compound leaves are alternate but not rotated to each other. The leaf closest to the trunk is 8 inches x 3 inches. The next few are 9 inches by 3.5 inches. Then they get smaller as they approach the growing tip. In between the alternate leave branches on the trunk is a single compound leaf growing from the trunk, also rotated to the next single compound leaf up the trunk. Almost looks like a large vetch.
# of Plants 2 - 10
Calflora ID po42655
Added 2017-07-05
Location Quality HIGH (2)
Error Radius 3  meters
Identification uncertain
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© 2017 William McCarey     CC BY-NC 4.0
Leaf branching
© 2017 William McCarey     CC BY-NC 4.0
Growing tip
© 2017 William McCarey     CC BY-NC 4.0
Leaf branching
© 2017 William McCarey     CC BY-NC 4.0
© 2017 William McCarey     CC BY-NC 4.0
Overall about 7 feet tall
© 2017 William McCarey     CC BY-NC 4.0
First two compound leaves on a leaf branch.