Observation  Detail
Plant Name   Grindelia stricta var. angustifolia
Marsh gumplant
Observer Andrew Longman    PROFILE
Date 2016-08-03
County Marin What Grows Here?
Coordinates 38.12843, -122.53002
Elevation 4 meters
Location Description Along Northeastern extent of preserve
Notes located along entire edge of wetland leading up to Cemetery Marsh. This polygons denotes the range of habitat, although within this polygon are dense patches of this plant as well as areas of scattered individuals.
Habitat Wetland
Area Size 20830.4 Square Meters
Phenology Flowering
Calflora ID mg29945
Added 2016-08-03 Plant Observation Entry
GroupMarin County Parks data pro
Location Quality MEDIUM (5)
Error Radius 324.787  meters
ContextOther Plant Observations at this location
© 2016 Andrew Longman     CC BY-NC 4.0
© 2016 Andrew Longman     CC BY-NC 4.0