Observation  Detail
Plant Name   Taxus brevifolia var. reptaneta
California yew
Observer Richard Spjut    PROFILE
Date 2006-07-12
County Siskiyou What Grows Here?
Coordinates 41.41693, -123.16678
Elevation 1732 meters
Location Klamath Mountains
Marble Mountains Wilderness, Lake of the Island east of English Peak
Notes Observation based on a photograph by Richard Spjut. Location data added subsequently. Cited by Spjut, JBRIT 1: 219 (2007), with b/w photos
Habitat Lake shore and north-facing ravines and steep east-facing rock faces
# of Plants 101 - 1000Phenology Flowering
Calflora ID gp9425
Added 2018-10-18 Plant Observation Entry
Location Quality HIGH (2)
Error Radius 10  meters
ContextOther Plant Observations at this location
© 2018 Richard Spjut     CC BY-NC 4.0
Close up of plant showing mature pollen cones
© 2018 Richard Spjut     CC BY-NC 4.0
Thickets yew in blue circled areas
© 2018 Richard Spjut     CC BY-NC 4.0
Thicket yew circled in blue
© 2018 Richard Spjut     CC BY-NC 4.0
Distant view of thicket yew from across the Lake of the Island. Arrows pointing to thickets of yew.
© 2018 Richard Spjut     CC BY-NC 4.0
Two plants of thicket yew from along east shore of lake looking northwest. Note heaving branching to one side of the stem, a characteristic feature of the the yew variety also seen in plants in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.