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Sagehen Creek
KEYWORDS:   North Lake Tahoe, Sierras, Tahoe National Forest
Sagehen is a favorite. Not only is it a fairly easy walk, but many of the early flowers seem to grace this path. Along this creek you will likely discover the Brown's Peony with its awkward downward facing flowers and their stunning but somehow inappropriate colors.

Near the end of the trail, at Stampede Reservoir, are fields that fill with Camas Lilies in early spring. This spectacle transforms the grassy meadow into a rolling sea with color similar to that of the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. You will also find another lily along the trail called the Sand Corm. Despite this innocuous name, the Sand Corm is as deadly as its very close relative, the Death Camas. (Tahoe CNPS)

DIRECTIONS:   The trail is not signed but relatively easy to find. Traveling north of Truckee on Route 89, you will note a small turnoff parking area on the right immediately after crossing the second (the first is Prosser) creek about 7.2 miles north of the Route 80 overpass. From there you just follow the trail along the creek for about 2 miles of sensational hiking till you reach the reservoir and the meadows that fill with Camas Lilies. (Tahoe CNPS)

Tahoe Chapter of the California Native Plant Society: About Sagehen Creek
US Forest Service: Tahoe National Forest

AREA OF THE POLYGON::   12,002 acres
DENSITY::   0.191 native species per acre
Thanks to  Tahoe CNPS  for contributing this great place.