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Thunder Mountain
KEYWORDS:   Mountain Trail, South Lake Tahoe, Sierras, Eldorado National Forest
The Thunder Mountain trail begins in a forested area and climbs to a ridge line that overlooks the Kirkwood Ski Resort. Along the way is an amazing variety of wildflowers. Early on you will see a field of the bright red/orange Scarlet Gilia. And if you look closely you might find some of the parasitic flowers. Along the trail you may encounter something that looks like a pinecone. Look closely! It may just be a cluster of the strange Corymb Broomrape. At the top are great views and some of the alpine flowers.

Also look for Drummond?s Anemone, a special treat. Keep your mind sharp to spot the well-camouflaged Mountain Bells.

DIRECTIONS:   The trailhead (well signed on the south side of Route 88) is found about 2 miles west of the entrance to Kirkwood Ski Resort. This is 7 miles west of the Caron Pass

  • Usually good from June till September. You need to go early when the snow is just melting to see the pure white Anemone flowers.
  • The best time to visit is July.
  • There are no facilities, but the trail is well marked with signs.
  • TRAILS:   8 miles round trip; 1500 foot elevation gain.

    THREATS:   A four-year drought is stressing the environment. Peak bloom is moving earlier with each new drought year.

    US Forest Service: Eldorado National Forest
    an abundance of plant and wildlife
    CNPS CHAPTER AREA: :   Sierra Foothills

    AREA OF THE POLYGON::   986 acres
    DENSITY::   0.098 native species per acre
    Thanks to  Roger Rosenberger and Tahoe CNPS  for contributing this great place.