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Foothills Park
KEYWORDS:   1,400-acre Foothills Park Finally Open to Public in 2020 After 51 Years
Foothills Park opened in 1965 but limiting access to Palo Alto residents and their guests. After a 2020 lawsuit by the ACLU, the restrictions were lifted on December 17, 2020 and the park is now open to anyone. The limit on the number of daily visitors is 750 and after 90 days the limits will be raised to 1,000 per day with no current entrance or parking fee (12/2020). Trails provide access through rugged chaparral, woodlands, fields, streams, and a lake, and provide spectacular views of the Bay Area. Wildlife abounds, and it is common to see deer and coyotes; if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a bobcat.

CNPS CHAPTER AREA: :   Santa Clara Valley

AREA OF THE POLYGON::   1,303 acres
DENSITY::   0.394 native species per acre
Thanks to  Cynthia Powell  for contributing this great place.