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Jonesville Canyon
KEYWORDS:   Scotts John Creek, Butte Creek, Willow Creek, Humboldt Summit, PCT
Jonesville, an old historic town, amidst meadows, streams and forests. The canyon offers showy wildflowers from mid May through August, and also located within the area is the Darlingtonia californica (California Pitcher Plant).

  • The hike features two creek crossings, Scotts John Creek and Willow Creek, They may be dangerous to cross in early season. We found them to relatively easy to cross once the snow at Humbug Weather Station has dropped to zero.
  • TRAILS:   A hike through thick forest down and then up to Frog, Green Island and Saucer Lakes. It snows a lot here, and during the Ice Age the Soda Creek glacier originated in this area. The lakes are where the glacier made its last advances before melting away.

    HISTORY:   A small town created on the route between Chico and northern Nevada in 1866 to serve as a toll road until the route was replaced by the railroad.

    The area was severely affected by the Dixie Fire in 2021, but the trail is still there, but the beauty of the area is somewhat intact.

    Chico Hiking Association:
    We cover the 50 best hikes within 2:10 of Chico, California. Our trail information is the best available, but use it at your own risk. Enjoy.
    CNPS CHAPTER AREA: :   Mount Lassen

    AREA OF THE POLYGON::   263 acres
    DENSITY::   0.829 native species per acre
    Thanks to  Chico Hiking Association  for contributing this great place.