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Components and Costs of the Proposed Weed Manager System updated November 25, 2014  
Weed Manager (WM) system designed by Calflora and partners is based on current Calflora weed tracking applications and the desktop Geoweed system. Used by various organizations engaged in land management, WM tracks invasive plant infestations changes over time and the treatments applied to those infestations.

WM components and cost estimates are broken out by UX (user experience) and development (engineering) below.

Early Access to WM
Agencies providing funding for WM development influence the final product according to their needs. They have also started using the system in its basic form while providing direction for upcoming development. If you or your agency would like to try the WM system before it is complete, we will get you started.

Weed Data Applications
"Entry" below includes all editing functions: adding a new record, editing an existing record, and deleting an existing record. Estimate, UX Estimate, Development Phase
Observation Entry 1200 complete I
Similar to Weed Data Entry with the following additions:
  • Link an observation record with a previous record of the same plant at the same spot, becoming part of the Observation History including the earliest observation.
  • When editing a record, view the assessment and treatment history of which that record is a part and other records in the observation history.
  • Draw, edit, and save a shape on the map by name. Re-use a previously saved shape.
  • An observation record is tied to an organization and a project, both selectable by drop downs. Once a project is selected, see project specific field values e.g. percent cover. Allow entering and editing of these project specific fields.
  • When entering or editing an assessment record, the user can specify the status of the population as one of
      searched for but not found
      verified (searched for and found)
      under management/treatment
  • Data Model    Diagram
    Treatment Entry $1000 75% complete, $2000 to go not including UX, funded II
  • Draw or edit a shape on the map.
  • Link a treatment record with one or more observation records. That treatment record becomes part of the assessment and treatment history of an observation record. (not complete)
  • A treatment record is tied to an organization and a project, both selectable by drop downs. Once project is selected, the app will show project specific field values e.g. treatment method, and entering / editing project specific fields. (complete)
  • Data Model    Diagram
    Search and Report Application $2400 $9500, partially funded III
    Similar to Observation Hotline with the following additions:
  • Search by project, species, spatial extent, time period, observer, etc.
  • Search by weed patch history (e.g. never treated, treated once, last treatment more than two years ago).
  • Show the assessment and treatment history for a chosen record.
  • Display points and shapes on the map in various colors.
  • Display the results of a survey (absence and presence).
  • Draw or edit a polygon (search area) on the map. Save the polygon by name. Re-use a previously saved polygon by name.
  • For Data Czars: perform batch edits on all data belonging to an organization.
  • Survey Data Model

    Shape Data Model

    Administrative Applications
    Groups and Members complete I
    WM will use the current Calflora account and groups systems. Each subscribing organization will appear in the database as a group. A group may have a Data Czar who may edit all group-associated records.
    Data Model    Diagrams
    Project Setup Application complete I
    Adminstrative users may configure projects for their organization.
    For each project, a user can specify
    • plant lists.
    • polygon reflecting area of interest; save the polygon by name; reuse a previously saved polygon.
    • list of occurrences using search parameters, e.g. Cal-IPC-listed records made after 2005 in specified polygon.
    • fields sets.
    Data Model    Diagram
    Field Set Configuration $6000, funded II
    Administrative user controls what field sets will be used in an organization's projects. A user can
  • Add project-specific value sets for fields such as percent cover.
  • Specify extra fields to be collected when entering an observation or treatment.
  • Specify which fields are required or optional.
  • (Considering adding work session entry data to this section, but this would require more funding.)
  • Work Session Entry $500 $6000, partially funded II
  • Enter the the organization, project, role, rate of compensation, number of hours and the number of people engaged in an activities on given date(s).
    Data Model
    Summary of Work Session $500 $5500, partially funded III
  • Report on resources utilized over a period of time, in a certain area, with respect to a particular weed, etc.
  • Results available as a spreadsheet.
  • Data Import $7000, funded II
    A user can import weed data and shape data from:
  • a Geoweed installation
  • GeoJSON
  • shapefile
  • spreadsheet
  • Data Export $5000, funded II
  • As a shapefile
  • As GeoJSON
  • As a spreadsheet

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