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Advanced Observation Query. Use this form to customize queries and output from the CalFlora Observation Database.

For more information, see About CalFlora Plant Observation Database or Instructions.

(If you have a query that is not supported by this form, please contact Calflora.)

1. Order (sort) your search results by: (multiple)
2. How many records per page?  
3. How would you like your results displayed?

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4. Select the criteria you would like to match Fill in one or more values in the 'Match this Value' column of the table below.
If you want to find observations for Prunus species that were made south of 34 degrees latitude:
· Find the field name "resolved genus", choose relationship 'equals', type value "Prunus" (without quotes).
· Find the field name "latitude", choose relationship 'south of', type the value "34.0"
· Click the Search Button.
Field Name Relationship Match this Value
Collection Meta-Data dataset (multiple)
contributor (multiple)
original nomenclature used for identification (multiple)
type of observation (multiple)
type of documentation available (multiple)
reported scientific name
translate scientific name (Optional) Reference:
Include records for synonyms that definitely apply to this taxon,
according to the selected reference.
Include records for more inclusive synonyms that may apply to this taxon.
original scientific name
resolved genus
resolved specific epithet
resolved species author
resolved infraspecific rank
resolved infraspecific epithet
resolved infraspecific author
original PLANTS code
original ADP code
Unique Identifiers unique id number
unique identifier from contributor
unique identifier within dataset
Location County of Observation
Show only georeferenced observations from
(negative for California)
UTM zone (multiple)
UTM northing (y)
UTM easting (x)
best georeferenced location specific formats supported
form of best georeferenced location
precision of georeferenced position in hectares
original location description
original reported county
Site Information elevation meters.
elevation source (multiple)
original elevation
original elevation form
other site information
plot identification
plot size in hectares
habitat description
Date observation date (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
date precision (multiple)
original date
date indexed in CalFlora (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
Collector author or collector and collection number
collection or reference

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