Data Set:
Yosemite National Park Natural Resource Inventory
Last Modified:
Processed By:
Ann Dennis
Modified By:
Tony Morosco

Field by Field Transcription Notes

Calflora OCC fieldExampleSource
sourceYosemite National Park NRIassigned
source_id null, no record identifier in original data
dset_seq_num24line number in AllSpCov as received
orig_nomenJepsonassigned, names match Jepson usage
index_date assigned
observ_typeplotlistdataset description
doc_typereporteddataset description
rslvd_taxonPinus contorta Dougl. ex Loud ssp. murrayana (Grev. & Balf.) Critchf.authors added and spelling adjusted to match Xwalk for Jepson usage of bi- or tri-nomial
rslvd_species_authorDougl. ex Loud"
rslvd_infra_author(Grev. & Balf.) Critchf."
countyTOUtranscribed from orig_county
lat calculated from original UTM data
long "
utm_zone11deduced from UTM values supplied
utm10_x267Vegplot: UTMEKM
utm10_y4194Vegplot: UTMNKM
elevation2414calculated from orig_elev
elev_sourceconverteddataset description
site_info_availaspect: 27, slope: 18deg., Veg. type: Lodgepole Pine Forest. Other data available: fire, disturbance, hydro., rockconcatenation of Vegplot: ASPECT & SLOPE, and Plottype: TYPECODE & ADDCODE1-4, codes transcribed using Vegtypes table
plot_id9AllSpCov PLOTNO
plot_size0.1dataset description
observ_date1989-07-27transcribed from orig_date
date_precexact daydeduced from orig_date
auth_collectorPEKO/KAMA/EINIVegplot: TEAM transcribed using Obsvrs table
collectn null, no subsets within data other than PLOT
orig_namePinus contorta murrayanaAllSpCov: SCINAME
orig_plants null (name codes supplied are not PLANTS codes)
orig_adp null (name codes supplied are not ADP codes)
orig_locationutmx=267, utmy=4194concatenation of Vegplot: UTMEKM & UTMNKM
orig_loc_prec100dataset description
orig_loc_descWhite WolfVegplot: LOCATION
orig_habitatPlot consists of dense stands of Lodgepole saplings Vegplot: DESCR- first 252 characters of a memo field documented to contain "Plot description, including dominant species, topography, unique features, and relocation notes." Carriage returns replaced with spaces.
orig_elev7920Vegplot: ELEV
orig_elev_formfeetdataset description
orig_date7/27/1989Vegplot: Date

Original Data Tables

Table: AllSpCov

Data FieldExampleDescription
PLOTNO2Plot number (linking field)
JCODEABCO10NOT USED: Code is apparently a custom set, does not correspond to PLANTS or ADP codes.
SCINAMEAbies concolorSource of original name
COVER0.2not used

Table Vegplot

Data FieldExampleDescription
PLOTNO1Plot number
PLOTMARKERFALSEnot used: Signifies whether a marker was left on the plot
DATE9/22/1989Date of data collection
PHOTOROLL 21not used: Film roll number on which plot photographs taken
PHOTOEXP15/16/17/18not used: Plot photograph exposure numbers divided by slashes (e.g., 24/25/26/27)
AER_PHOTO7404not used: Number of aerial photograph that includes plot location (9999 = missing data)
QUADHHRE15not used: Topographic quadrangle (7.5 or 15 min.series) on which plot is located.
UTMEKM272Plot location in Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates. Data supplied rounded to nearest km. In-house dataset contains locations to the nearest 0.1 km (from map) or 0.001 km (from global positioning device)
DECL18not used: Compass declination used in locating plot.
ELEV4920Elevation recorded in feet.
ASPECT96Recorded in degrees; 0 = flat
SLOPE27Recorded in degrees; 0 = flat
TEAMKAMA/EINIList of personnel on plot recorded in 4 letter codes
LOCATIONPiute CreekBrief description of plot location
DESCR Plot description, including dominant species, topography, unique features, and relocation notes
FIRENo evidence notednot used: Brief description of fire evidence in 17.8 m radius plot.
DISTURBNone notednot used: Brief description of disturbance on plot
H20999not used: Amount of 17.8 m radius plot cover by water, recorded in square meters; 999 = missing.
H20TYPE9not used: 1=Standing water; 2=Flowing water; 0=None; 9 = missing.
ROCKCLASS9not used: Amount of 17.8 m radius plot covered by rock, recorded in cover classes; 9 = missing
ROCKAREA999not used: Amount of 17.8 m radius plot covered by rock, recorded in percent; 999 = missing; used after 1990.

Table: Plottype

Data FieldExampleDescription
PLOTNO11Plot number
TYPECODE86110Vegetation type present <100 m from plot center; 99999 = missing
ADD_CODE185200additional types present

Table: Vegtypes

Data FieldExampleDescription
TYPENAMEMontane Chaparral 

Table: Obsrvrs

Data FieldExampleDescription
INITROANObserver code
FNAMERobFirst name
LNAMEAnderson Last name
DATE1987/1988not used