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Updated September 2016

Weed Data Collection
Using the Calflora database, the California Invasive Plant Council and other groups and individuals have been collecting and mapping weed data across California. Their concerted effort began in 2010 and continues to date.

Cal-IPC is interested in new weeds and weeds listed on the Cal-IPC Inventory list. Published observations of plants on this list are forwarded daily from Calflora to Cal-IPC's CalWeedMapper system.

Calflora's Weed Manager
Weed Manager allows organizations engaged in land management to track weed infestations and treatments over time.

Calflora developed this system in close collaboration with Cal-IPC and agencies collecting weed information to ensure that it met their needs including customizable forms for various data collection methods and detailed reports for management. Over a dozen agencies across the state are using Weed Manager to date.

Early Detection
Early detection and rapid response (EDRR) is a critical approach to stopping invasive plants before they spread. Calflora functions play an important role in helping the state’s land managers in effective early detection.

What makes a weed stand out as an early detection target in a certain area? A combination of high potential impact, low current distribution, and feasibility of control. Also refer to the National Park Service article Early Detection of Invasive Plant Species in the San Francisco Bay Area Network.

When the Bay Area Early Detection Network (BAEDN) was active, Calflora worked closely with them to collect observations of plants on the Bay Area Early Detection Weeds list. How BAEDN came up with their list is described here. This list galvanized data collection efforts across the Bay Area; we now know more now about where those weeds are in Bay Area counties.

Cal-IPC Regional Priorities
County WMA (Weed Management Area) partners across California work with Cal-IPC to set early detection and management priorities for regions using CalWeedMapper. Access regional target lists through this Regional Priorities group.
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The Cal-IPC Regional Priorities group provides a library of plant lists and saved searches for multi-county management regions around the state. The priorities, for both early detection and management, are developed by regional WMA partners in collaboration with Cal-IPC.

You can also set up an email alert so that you are notified about new records submitted based on these saved searches or your own custom plant list and area.

Join a Calflora Group
Groups are a mechanism for collaborating between contributors, particularly with respect to unpublished records. If you put your record into a group while it is still unpublished, then the people in that group will be able to see it, and people outside the group will not.

Here is the list of current Calflora groups current Calflora groups, or set up your own group!