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Scientific Name Common NamePhoto Nativity Lifeform

Cotinus coggygria

European smoketree
2009 Neal Kramer (CalPhotos)
not native Tree, Shrub

Lithrea molleoides

aroeira blanca No photo available. not native Perennial herb

Malosma laurina

laurel sumac
2007 Ricky Grubb (CalPhotos)
native Tree, Shrub

Pistacia atlantica

Mt. Atlas mastic tree, pistachio No photo available. not native Tree

Pistacia chinensis

Chinese pistache, Chinese pistachio
2012 Ron Vanderhoff (CalPhotos)
not native INVASIVE Tree

Rhus aromatica
JM93:  Rhus trilobata

fragrant sumac
2004 James M. Andre (CalPhotos)
native Shrub

Rhus glabra

smooth sumac
2008 Jason E. Willand (CalPhotos)
not native Tree

Rhus integrifolia

lemonade sumac, lemonade berry
2004 BonTerra Consulting (CalPhotos)
native Shrub

Rhus lanceolata

prairie sumac
2002 University of California Museum of Paleontology (CalPhotos)
not native Shrub

Rhus ovata

sugar sumac, sugar bush
2002 Lynn Watson (CalPhotos)
native Shrub

Rhus trilobata var. simplicifolia

skunkbush sumac, single leaf skunkbrush No photo available. native

Schinus molle

Peruvian peppertree, Peruvian pepper tree
1999 John Randall, Ph.D. (CalPhotos)
not native INVASIVE Tree

Schinus polygamus

Hardee peppertree
2009 Barry Rice (CalPhotos)
not native Tree, Shrub

Schinus terebinthifolius

Brazilian peppertree, Brazilian pepper tree
2000 Joe DiTomaso (CalPhotos)
not native INVASIVE Tree, Shrub

Schinus terebinthifolius var. raddianus

Brazilian peppertree No photo available. not native Tree, Shrub

Searsia lancea

African sumac No photo available. not native Tree

Toxicodendron diversilobum

Poisonoak, Pacific poison oak, poison oak, poison
1995 Saint Mary's College of California (CalPhotos)
native Vine, Shrub

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