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Plant Name   Petasites fragrans   Winter heliotrope
Date 2011-03-01
Observer Mike Perlmutter     (PROFILE)
Source:Michael Perlmutter, BAEDN
Natural Status wild
County Contra Costa
Coordinates 37.89386,-122.24643: LOCATION CLOSEUP   
Elevation 288 meters
Location Tilden Regional Park, East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD), Anza View Drive (small 1-way loop road starting at Tilden Botanic Garden), second turnout, about half way along loop.
Notes This seems to be the first California and US wildland record of this species. A sample taken by Contra Costa Ag (CDFA-PDR#1645122 - Niang D) was identified by CDFA botanist Dean Kelch who will voucher the specimen in the CDFA herbarium. Tilden gardener Martha Wing, pointed this out about a year ago to Friends of Five Creeks, when it was thought to be half the current size. Seems like it was established from dumped garden waste. Spreads by rhizomes, excludes everything else. Friends of 5 Creeks (FC5) began removal work March 1, 2011. About half the area was hand-removed, although many roots might remain. Part of leading edge was tarped. F5C would like to conduct a trial to compare efficacy of hand-removal, herbicide, and tarping. Susan Schwartz of F5C will coordinate future removal work with EBRPD.
Habitat Open Woodland
Gross Area 60 Square Feet
Number of Plants 1+Phenology Mature