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Plant Name   Hypericum calycinum   Aaron's beard
Date 2018-05-30 10:35:58
Observer Brian Charles     (PROFILE)
Natural Status wild
County Marin
Coordinates 37.90832,-122.57607 SHAPE CLOSEUP   
Elevation 253 meters
Location 12-04
Dense patch inbetween parking lot and trail- a few large flowers emerging.
Gross Area 28.3 Square Meters
Number of Plants 51 - 100Phenology Flowering
OrganizationMount Tamalpais State Park
Location Quality HIGHWhat Grows Here? (at this location)
Accuracy 314  square meters
Error Radius 10.0  meters
Calflora ID mg64747 View this record in  
Plant Observation Entry
Added 2018-05-30 16:16:02

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