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Plant Name   Hypericum grandifolium   Canary Island St John's Wort
Date 2011-11-01
Observer Mike Perlmutter     (PROFILE)
Source:Bay Area Early Detection Network
Natural Status wild
County Marin
Coordinates 37.87139,-122.56324: LOCATION CLOSEUP   
Elevation 101 meters
Location Edge of patch. Below pullout on HYW 1. Caltrans right of way. Plants are scattered on the steep rocky slope below the highway. Growing with poison oak and other coastal scrub.
Notes Surveyed with Caltrans employee Sean Casteel on November 1, 2011. Under contract with BAEDN, BAELIN Inc. initiated removal on November 15, 2011. Materials were bagged and disposed of in a landfill.
Number of Plants 1+Phenology Fruiting