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Date 2015-11-05
Observer M. P. Williams, W. Ferren, J. Hamilton, L. Ballard, et al.     (PROFILE)
Source:Sedgwick Reserve, University of California Natural Reserve System
Natural Status wild
County Santa Barbara
Coordinates 34.69273,-120.04160
Elevation 330 meters
Illustrated Plant List  
Location Sedgwick Reserve
Santa Ynez Valley, foothills of the San Rafael Mountains, with elevations from 965--2780 feet. Serpentinite outcrops, fault. Watershed includes seasonal creeks, springs and seeps.
Notes This checklist of vascular plants includes taxa observed or collected at Sedgwick Reserve, managed by the UC Natural Reserve System out of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Specimen voucher numbers are available by request for those specimens confirmed by local authorities and documented with collections that are deposited at the UCSB Herbarium. This checklist will be updated as necessary.
Public Access RESTRICTED: Special arrangements are necessary to visit this site.
About this location
Area Size 6000 Acres
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Location Quality LOWWhat Grows Here? (at this location)
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Survey / Checklist Entry
Added 2015-11-05
Type checklist of an area

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