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    Calflora provides information on wild California plants for conservation, education, and appreciation.
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The CalFlora Database contains information on California's 8,363 ferns, conifers and flowering plants known to be native or naturalized in California. This query form allows the retrieval of information on these plants, including photographs, families, common names, plant communities, habitat, elevation, special status (rare/endangered, wetland), distribution, and more!
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  • You do not need to fill in all fields.
  • If you wish to select more than one option from a list, hold down the ctrl (Win) or shift (Mac) button on your keyboard.
  • Look for links in the search results to link to more information from our and other sources.
  • Field names column: these are most of the fieldnames in the calflora table. For the complete schema, see Schema
  • When matching values, the use of "equals" requires an exact match; "begins with" and "contains" will match a sub-string and ignore capilatization.
  • Match this value column: Some fields have a finite set of possible values and these are shown.
  • There is a Query Form available for more simple searches.
  • You can get help accessing this information by emailing us at CONTACT